Transparent Pricing Based on Your Goals

Transparency in our pricing and methods provide peace of mind that many landowners do not expect because of the reputation that other companies have created for the timber-buying industry.

With our Timber Sales Program (TSP), we educate landowners by way of detailed custom plans. Our multi-page report of their woodland highlights their goals and the steps we propose to get them there. This gives landowners the confidence to make an educated decision for their land, even if they do not end up signing a contract with us.

Our Principles

Woodland management

Our timber specialists combine the landowner’s goals with their knowledge to selectively harvest trees that are preventing your forest from reaching its highest potential. There are many factors, including soil type, moisture preferences of different species, stand density, and tree maturity that determine which trees should be harvested.
This creates space for the remaining trees to flourish, with benefits that include:
Woodland Management
Low Impact Footprint

Low impact footprint

When large equipment is used to cut trees and remove logs, there is always a risk of property damage. Broken down creek banks can disrupt natural water flow and ruts can cause destructive soil erosion. When uprooted soil is not replanted, weeds and invasive species can grow, disrupting your woodland.

We do our best to tread lightly by:

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How we work

1. Schedule a free evaluation

A timber specialist will travel to your property to evaluate your timber and create a plan that aligns with your goals.

2. Custom report and price

Within a day, you’ll have your custom report so you can weigh your options. If you accept our proposal, you’ll get 100% of the agreed-upon price before we begin harvest.

3. We get to work

Wherever big machinery is involved, there is potential for damage. If any unintentional damage occurs to your woods, we’ll make it right.