Chainsaws &
Big Bucks

Better timber, bigger bucks

You have a beautiful woodland that, in theory, should be crawling with bucks. It should be a thriving haven for wildlife of all kinds, but it’s not. Surprisingly, a probable reason for this is that you have too many trees that have reached maturity, and the canopy created by these large trees is shading the forest floor and preventing the undergrowth needed by wildlife for food and security.

Hillcrest Lumber will harvest and purchase your timber if you are within 150 miles of Apple Creek.

Whitetail Habitat Designs partnership

With our partnership with Whitetail Habitat Designs, Hillcrest Lumber offers personalized step-by-step plans to make your land perfect for whitetails. By strategically clearing designated sections of large standing timber and adding habitat necessities, you can have the ideal property to score that trophy buck you’ve been dreaming about.

Whitetail Habitat Necessities:


Includes a custom timber report that aligns with your goals.


for up to 150 acres

If you have a larger property,
contact us for a quote.


for up to 150 acres

If you have a larger property,
contact us for a quote.

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Steps towards bigger bucks

1. Pick a Plan

From our three options, pick the perfect plan that aligns with your preferences, land, and budget.

2. Schedule an Evaluation

We’ll assess your property and provide a customized plan of action based on your chosen option and land management needs.

3. Score a Trophy Buck

Whether you decide to carry the plan out on your own or you hire Hillcrest Lumber and Whitetail Habitat Designs to execute it, your woodland will become a haven for bigger bucks and lots of them.