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Standing Timber

Make the most of your Standing Timber

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As a landowner, you’ve got options when it comes to management. Whether you want long-term growth, immediate revenue, or to create an ecosystem that draws in deer, making the wrong decision could lead to irreversible property damage and unfair payment.

At Hillcrest Lumber, our goal is not to sell you on a plan but to teach you about your options so you can feel confident as you choose the next step.

Custom deer management and hunting plans

Not only are we foresters, we’re hunters too. Combining our expertise in both, we create plans for landowners who want to attract deer and hunt trophy bucks. This can involve identifying stand sites, creating clearings for food plots, and strategically cutting trees to create more cover on the forest floor.

Honest timber buying

Our multi-page custom timber plans provide landowners with the education they need to confidently manage their forest to its highest potential.

How we work

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1. Schedule a free evaluation

A timber specialist will travel to your property to evaluate your timber and create a plan that aligns with your goals.

2. Custom report and price

Within a day, you’ll have your custom report so you can weigh your options. If you accept our proposal, you’ll get 100% of the agreed-upon price before we begin harvest.

3. We get to work

Wherever big machinery is involved, there is potential for damage. If any unintentional damage occurs to your woods, we’ll make it right.

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